How Your Website Can Make You Money As A Service Provider

Why do you need a website? The quick answer is to make you more money and automate your processes! But let’s first, break it down. I’m sure you’re probably asking, why can’t I just tell people about my business, pass out flyers or make advertisements in my local paper? Though those are all very good, and a traditional approach on building up your business as a service provider, the paper route is somewhat outdated. C’mon it’s 2022,  there is no escaping technology, it is here to stay and is full of endless opportunities! A website is an integral part of any business. It is the first impression that customers have of your business and allows you to showcase your brand. You can think of it, as if you were giving an elevator pitch to a potential client, a client may size you up from what you are wearing down to how well you described your service to them. Consistency is key and that is what a website is, consistent. A good website can help you not only attract new customers and clients but keep them coming back by building more trusting relationships that will set you up to make some serious cash.

What Makes a Good Website?

There are several factors that make a good website. The most important is that it is:

  1. User-friendly and easy to navigate. VERY IMPORTANT, you want your client experience to be as effortless as possible. Any snags or bad flow in the browsing experience could cost you a client.  We are hardwired to be efficient and have less patience these days so going on a website and getting all the information in an easy manner could either gain you a new customer or lose one.  It should also be aesthetically pleasing so that customers are drawn in and want to stay on the site.
  1. Your Target Audience: Your website should be designed for the people that you want to provide service to, this would be what they called a target audience. You will want to include any relevant information that your audience can resonate with, so they know that your website is the answer to what they are looking for. Not only will it cater to a potential client their needs and goals that you could do for them, but it will also serve as a great resource as a trusted business partner.

Next, is branding! My favorite thing to talk about. Questions to consider, what color palette do you want for your brand? What is the style of your brand? Do you have a tagline or catchphrase that people will know to recognize your business? All these things and so much more! Let’s start off with colors first. Choosing the right colors for how you want to portray you and your business is crucial. Let’s just say, if your favorite color is hot pink, but you are trying to cater to lawn and gardening care, chances are that it doesn’t really connect to your business, brand, or ideal customer. You may even have a secondary, or a third color that can also complement to make your branding really stand out. Next, your style, and how your content is laid out to make it easier for your customer to navigate through your information. Your website should be designed for your audience, not necessarily based on your own tastes. 

It is good to have a website that showcases your personality, but it should also be professional. Your site is the first impression customers have of your business. You want them to remember it as an enjoyable experience. Otherwise, they are more likely to move on and find something else, which means you lose out on an opportunity to gain a customer or client relationship, and ultimately a loss in your profits. You don’t want to do that!

How to Create a Successful Money Making Website:

Here’s the truth: you can’t create a successful website unless you understand your business messaging, ideal audience, and brand. You need to get clear on those things first before you can design your own website or hire a website designer to create one for you. Otherwise, you’ll be in the constant hamster wheel of wanting to redo your website over and over again, wasting money or paying someone thousands of dollars to help you see the vision that you have no idea of, because chances are if they don’t know your blueprint, they wouldn’t know either.  If you get it done the right way, you are setting up yourself for a long-running strategy that will keep on making you money even while you sleep.

Having a great website boosts your confidence and impresses your clients. It gives a great first impression and also sets the standard for professionalism. Imagine you being on your A-game 100% of the time delivering valuable information to your customers. That’s a huge plus and an important aspect for multiplying your earnings. 

After you understand those three things, it’s time to start creating your website! This includes developing the design, mapping out your site pages, selecting images, and writing content. You’ll also need to purchase a domain name and set up your website hosting. A domain, in essence, is the name of your website or business, so if you don’t already have a name of your business, think carefully because you won’t be able to make any changes to the name down the line.  The hosting provider allows you to store

 all its files on the backend so it can be a live-functioning website to be able to customize as you see fit. These things are inexpensive and are usually a one-time annual fee. Now usually, you would have to use hosting platforms like BlueHost or SiteGround when using WordPress, but I have a few better options that act as an all-in-one solution.

Here’s who I recommend:

  • For registering your domain name: GoDaddy, NameCheap
  • For hosting your website: Showit, Squarespace

What are the Benefits of a Good Website?

A good website can help you attract new customers and clients, keep them coming back, and improve your bottom line. It will also assist you in building brand awareness and credibility.

One of the biggest benefits is that it allows you to showcase your business 24 hours a day, seven days a week, pretty much forever! As long as you keep your domain and hosting up, that is.  It’s a pretty good deal, if you asked me. This takes all the work of hustling your services to potential clients, to one-on-one meetings, to going door-to-door, or other traditional means of getting the word out for your business. It is already online with every piece of information that you could give but laid out in a professional-looking way.

Should You Hire a Website Designer?

I highly recommend hiring a good website designer (like me!) if you don’t have the time to create your own site or if it’s not something that you’re good at and need help. That’s okay, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel, designers have the ability to create your dream business. A good web designer will help you with everything from strategy to design, and development, including the number of pages if any that you would need. And if you want to go above and beyond, a good website designer can also get you more traffic to your site with proper setup and SEO optimization and cement your professional branding (also me!).  That means more sales for your high-quality business that can catapult you into making your dreams come true.

A website is important in this day in age, in some cases necessary. A website can showcase your talents and hobbies, services, products, you name it. It can give you local or worldwide exposure and improve your business.

Ready to finally have a website that you are proud of? Visit my website design portfolio and services page for more details.









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