You have finally started your dream business or you may have  DIY’d your brand + website and now your ready to level up.

You want clarity and direction for your brand. You still have things you haven’t thought all the way through and you don’t know what you don’t know.

This is why you want to collaborate and be guided by a brand and website designer who can help you build a brand that connects with your people in a deep and meaningful way in order to build loyalty, trusts and positions you as an expert in your market.

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full brand + website development + marketing

We will use a framework based on human psychology to help you build a valuable relationship with your audience that is built with a solid alignment to your brand archetype. Aligning with a brand archetype allows you to stand out, be unique, and be extremely memorable.

Archetypes are based on universal patterns of behavior that we all instinctively understand. They are preprogrammed into our subconscious - we see them in myths, stories, movies, and even in our friends and family.

We use this powerful tool to position your brand and personality traits so that they will resonate with your ideal client. It’s our very own magic trick for hacking into the minds and hearts of your audience.

Most of our time together will be focused on building your brand’s foundation from there we will design your brand identity, craft the words on your website and build your online presence. 

Phase 1: Brand Development

the vision 

Your Shift
Your Master Plan
Your Legacy

Brand Clarity + Foundations

Comprehensive Brand Discovery Workbook +
we will have two (2) 90-minute strategy sessions to determine and establish the following: 

the value 

Your Story
Your Why
Your Magic

At the end of Brand Clarity + Foundations, you will receive your Brand Book that includes:
Brand Message | Brand Values | Brand Character | Brand Communication | Brand Color Story | Photographic Style | Ideal Client Profile 

brand styling

Logo Design + Variations
Custom Font Selection
Custom Pattern + Textures

Brand Identity + Design

During this part, we'll develop the visual aspect of your brand.

brand collateral 

Business Card Design
Email Signature Design
Social Media Graphics

At the end of Brand Identity + Design, you'll receive:
Brand Style Guide + Mockups added to your Brand Book
Logo Files (all variations in all brand colors, approx, 30-50)
Collateral Design Files

here's what we will do together...

We design on the Showit platform. Showit is a drag-and-drop builder that allows you to design creative websites without having to deal with back-end coding and development. It gives you total freedom to create and maintain your website. Showit integrates with WordPress for blogging.

During the website strategy call, we focus on positioning you as an expert by optimizing your offers, creating a value ladder, connecting your ideal clients with your offers, and strategizing on what problems the website needs to solve in order to meet your goals.

Phase 2: Website Development


Keyword Research
Image Optimization
Mobile Optimization

On-Page Search Engine+ Copywriting Optimization (SEO)

We  will have two (2) 90-minute strategy sessions to determine and establish the following: 


Copy for all pages
Meta Tags Optimization
Header Tags Optimization

Our On-Page SEO efforts, combined with strategic insights from the Website Strategy Call, will position your website for success in the competitive online landscape, driving targeted traffic and increasing your online presence.

Custom Design

Responsive Design
Interactive Elements
Showit Training

Website Development

During this part, we'll develop the visual aspect of your brand.


Contact Form 
CRM Integrations
Domain + Launch Support

Our expert development team will bring your vision to life with a custom Showit website designed to showcase your brand in its best light.

here's what we will do together...

Now that your brand identity is solidified, and your website is a powerful online asset, it's time to propel your business forward by attracting targeted traffic and converting visitors into customers. Our Marketing package, Phase 3 of our comprehensive brand, website, and marketing solution, includes one service below:

Google Ads Setup and Management:
We harness the immense reach and targeting capabilities of Google Ads to place your business in front of potential customers actively searching for your products or services. Our team will conduct thorough keyword research, create compelling ad copy, and strategically manage your Google Ads campaign for optimal results.

Facebook Ads Setup and Management:
Leverage the unparalleled social reach of Facebook to connect with your target audience. Our experts will design visually appealing and engaging Facebook ads, precisely targeting demographics that align with your customer profile. We'll monitor, analyze, and optimize your Facebook Ads to maximize their impact.

Instagram Page Setup and Management (One Month):
In the visual realm of Instagram, we'll create and optimize your business profile, ensuring it aligns seamlessly with your brand identity. Our team will curate visually stunning content, craft compelling captions, and manage your Instagram page for one month. This includes regular posts, engaging stories, and interaction with your audience.

Weekly Blog Creation:
Establish your brand as an industry authority with a weekly blog. Our skilled content creators will produce informative and engaging blog posts that not only provide value to your audience but also contribute to improved search engine rankings. Consistent blogging is a powerful way to showcase your expertise and keep your audience informed and engaged. 

Email Marketing Campaign Setup and Management:
Engage with your audience on a personal level through targeted email campaigns. We'll set up and manage effective email marketing campaigns, creating compelling content that nurtures leads, encourages conversions, and builds lasting relationships with your customers.

Our marketing package includes a strategic consultation session to align our efforts with your business goals. We'll discuss target audience refinement, campaign objectives, and any adjustments needed to enhance the effectiveness of your marketing initiatives.
With Phase 3, we transition from establishing your brand and website to actively driving traffic and engagement. Our marketing strategies are designed not just to generate clicks but to connect your brand with the right audience, fostering meaningful interactions and driving conversions. Let's turn your online presence into a thriving hub of activity, attracting the attention and loyalty of your ideal customers. Phase 3 is where your brand truly starts to shine in the digital landscape.

Phase 3: Marketing

The investment price does not include pricing for optional add-ons

Retainer is first payment due 

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