Instant Pinterest Marketing Plan: Super Easy To-Do List Anyone Can Do

Instant Pinterest Marketing Plan

Pinterest can help to explode your website or blog traffic. In order to do that you need an effective Pinterest Marketing Plan. Pinterest is great for building engagement with your business and getting clicks to your website. 

You won’t gain the type of traffic you are looking for by pinning every now and then. And lucky for you, I have a Super Easy To-Do List Anyone Can Do filled with my Top 8 Pinterest Marketing Strategies.

Daily Tasks

The very first thing that you should focus on in your Pinterest Marketing Plan is to make sure that you are pinning daily. I know, I know…but won’t that take up my whole day?! Definitely not with scheduling tools like the Pinterest scheduling tool and Tailwind. Tailwind is going to be the better option if you are scheduling a lot of pins because, with the Pinterest scheduling tool, you are only able to schedule up to 30 pins at a time. 

Tailwind via its 2020 Pinterest Best Practices, states that the most successful accounts on Tailwind publish 15-25 pins/day on average. Before the release of Tailwind/Pinterest’s best practices statement, I saw bloggers recommend to post anywhere from 5-100 pins daily. Pinterest does not have an official number of pins that you should post but they are leaning more towards quality and relevancy and not by the number of pins you have out there, which are likely duplicates. Pinterest has emphasized they want fresh content – think new images with the same description, headline, and URL. Take a look a Pinterest’s best practices for a better idea of the new direction they are taking, here

How many pins you post is really going to depend on your preferences, your niche, and your audience. I highly suggest starting small and working your way up from there evaluating your analytics to see what is actually working for you. You also do not need to manually pin but I have seen some huge spikes when I do and also the price of tailwind increases with the more pins you have scheduled. If you do decide to pin manually, make sure that you are pinning throughout the day. 

For reference, I pin via Tailwind 10-14 pins a day and 0-10 times manually. 

Honestly, the key here is to be consistent and pin every day. I would use Tailwind for your content and your tribe’s content and then manually pin other people’s content. If you have a ton of blog content then you will want to pin more of your content, whereas if you don’t have a ton of blog content yet you will need to mostly pin other people’s high-quality content to get a good number of pins out there. But the goal is to pin more of your content! 

Pro Tip: Make sure you click on other people’s content before you pin it to ensure its quality and leads back to an actual website.

Weekly Tasks

Next up in your Pinterest Marketing Plan is to create new images. According to Pinterest, you want to ‘create new, original pins at least once a week for a steady stream of content. To do this you can create 2-3 pins for each blog post to test which pin performs better. You can change the image, description, title, and pin color. Don’t forget to create new images for your old blog posts too! 

Creating new images is even more important in 2020 since Pinterest released it’s best practices with Tailwind. Pinterest has always wanted fresh content for its pinners but in 2020 there is more emphasis on it. If you want to show up in Pinterest’s algorithm then you need to create fresh pins.  

So what are fresh pins? Simply put, they are new pin images for your blog content. You can use the same URL (same blog content), the same description, and headline but the image needs to be new. And now you can not slightly move something within the image and call it new. For more information on what counts as a fresh image go, here

Pro-Tip: Don’t worry about deleting underperforming pins. Pinterest is a long strategy platform so it could take months for a pin to take off. Use that time to create more content or new pin images. 

In order to build relationships, you will also want to focus on followers. A lot of people will say that followers are not as important on Pinterest but they are because your pins will get distributed to your followers first and if it resonated well with your followers then, Pinterest will start recommending your pin to non-followers in their home feed, search results and related pins. When your followers are interested in your pins, they will engage more which signals Pinterest that this is a great pin. 

Pro Tip: Do not worry about the follow/unfollow method with Pinterest. It does not matter if you have a high amount of people that you follow. 

Pro Tip: Make sure you are following people that are relevant and have quality content. 

Monthly Tasks

One of the most important aspects of your Pinterest Marketing Plan is to review your analytics. This is going to help you decide which direction you should be taking with your Pinterest strategy. You will want to look at: 

  • Which pins are generating the most clicks to your website
  • In Tailwind, take a look at your top 5 boards and pin more high-quality content to them. 
  • Take a look at your analytics to evaluate if Pinterest is bringing you more traffic.  

Pro-Tip: Make sure to also look at which pins from other people’s content that you have repinned that is generating a lot of clicks. This is a good opportunity to see if you can create something similar or better since you have proof that it is a hit. 

Pro-Tip: The Pinterest algorithm changes a lot or there are glitches within the metrics, this is why I advise you to look at analytics monthly instead of daily or weekly.   

Spend 1-2 hours each month and schedule out your content. Trust me it’s a lot easier when this is on autopilot so you can focus on the other day to day activities within your business. 

Conclusion: Those are my Top 8 Strategies to create your own Pinterest Marketing Plan. Start with these strategies, make sure you are consistent and you will see growth! Remember what works for one user, may not work for you but with these 8 basic strategies, you will be able to pinpoint what works for you. 

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