35 Places To Get High-Quality Photos for Your Blog

Have you ever wondered when you look at a website and see all of these beautiful, vibrant, professional, and colorful photos? Where are these people getting their photos? Are they taking all of these photos themselves?  A high-quality photo brings a lot of attention to the viewer and as an entrepreneur or blogger, it’s important that you have scroll stopping photos.

Think about it, say your shopping on a website and you came across a product that you really wanted but the quality of the photos was so pixelated and to small to really gauge the product that you ended up passing it by without a second thought.  Or maybe the picture looked unflattering, maybe the lighting was off or the background was too distracting.

If you are selling products in an online store the best practice would be to have as many images from different angles that you can possibly add. If it is a digital product one or two images will suffice. If you have a blog you want to have beautiful photos that display what your post is about. As long as its high quality!

I know what your thinking……how much is this going to cost and can I get it for free? Do you have to buy a high-quality camera? Do I need those extra lighting all over the room? Do I need a blank white backdrop?  That’s like a whole new skill to learn! But that is not necessary starting out. You can actually get a lot done with just your phone with the technology out these days. Phone pictures can easily pass as professional.  Don’t sweat it, your all good! 

But what if you don’t want to take photos on your own?  What if you want a photo of the Caribbean but you live nowhere near the Caribbean to take a photo of yourself?

You may be thinking I can just grab a photo download it off google or a website and put it on my website.  That would work in a perfect world but there are big limitations to that. Not everything including images you see on the internet is free. There are copyright and commercial use for photos from the owners that took the photos. But that’s okay, there is a way to search for images that are free to use.  You can make sure you are safe legally in finding your photos by searching the word “free use images” after whatever image you are trying to find.

A few examples of the keywords:

Sunset free use images 

Free to use sunset images

Non-copyrighted sunset pictures

Non-commercial use sunset photos

Royalty-free sunset pics

There are many great photos on the internet that are specifically for anyone to use extremely high-quality images.  They call these stock images they are professional photographs of common places, landmarks, nature, events, people, children, babies, fashion, animals, relaxation, jewelry, workplace, electronics the list goes on that are bought and sold on a royalty-free, commercial free, non-copyrighted basis and can be used and reused for commercial design purposes.

Here is a list of my favorite stock photo websites:

You can use these stock images to fill up headers, footers, welcome pages, landing pages, and about me pages, backgrounds, blogs to fill and dazzle your pages with professionalism and engaging posts.

Good luck and happy creating!

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