• Let's start by creating a plan. You will have pages to project your project cost, budget and website goals. 

• Figure out who your human (ideal client) is so that you cam speak directly to them within the pages of your website.

• Write the copy for your main pages with easy to follow prompts!

What's included in this workbook?

Have you been putting off creating your website? Not sure what to include? This workbook will help you to plan out your website. 

Marquis | nanny Village

“Vicki is hands-down the most creative and talented genius you'll ever work with. She absolutely exceeds every expectation and delivers masterpieces that are 1000% unique, beautiful and tailored to your brand and needs.”

I'm Vicki!

While on maternity leave from my 9-5 desk job in 2017, I decided that I wanted to build a business that could support the life I had been dreaming about while being able to support my family.

While building my online clothing store shop, I fell in love with design and marketing.

Now, I help small business owners attract their dream clients by building businesses that are impactful and unique. I stay in my zone of genius (all things design) so you can stay in yours.

With a triple threat certification in offer creation, sales copywriting and funnel design, I offer comprehensive solutions and strategies.