VIP Designer Day

This is a one-day intensive that gives you access to Vicki for a full day to get ALL.THE.THINGS. done!

Imagine pouring your coffee as you get ready to work on your business. Only this time you aren’t working on trying to finish up your website, you are actually working on the things in your business that light you up. And you have a professional designer (me!) who is working in her zone of genius getting all.the.things website design done -IN ONE DAY!

This is exactly how I’ve designed my VIP Designer Days to get you one-day results!

Ready to get ALL.THE.THINGS done?!

This is for you if:

  • You need a simple MVP (minimum viable product) website up and running… like yesterday.
  • You have a punch list of Showit design work you need done.
  • You want your website done as soon as possible.
  • You are able to be available during the VIP Designer Day to submit feedback.

This is not for you if:

  • You are looking to have your forever website done. While this could be your forever website, I wouldn’t have the time in one day to really pull out all the bells and whistles let alone strategy that would come with a custom strategic website in one day. I have my design magic but I am not a time bender.)
  • You will not be available the day of the VIP Designer day (you need to be available for quick day-of decisions.)
  • If you are booking expecting a set of deliverables (You are booking me for the day which means I have 8 hours to work on your punch list. Some items might not get done depending on many factors like how long the pages are and how quickly you respond with revisions.)
  • You cannot have the prep-work done before the VIP Designer Day in order to maximize the day. It’s important that you set time before the day to get your prep-work done.

Examples of what we can accomplish in one day

  • 1-4 page website design and development
  • Sales page design and development with tech setup 
  • Customize your website template
  • Bonus Included: Copy Prompts and Moodboard Masterclass

Price: $1497

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work with me

While on maternity leave for my 9-5 desk job, I decided that I wanted to build a business that could support the life I had been dreaming about while being able to support my family.

While building my online clothing store shop, I fell in love with design and marketing.

Now, I help small business owners attract their dream clients by building businesses that are impactful and unique. I stay in my zone of genius (all things design) so you can stay in yours.

Wife, mama, and an Atlanta-based web designer who has worked for Google, Thomson Reuters, and Canva.

Hi, I'm vicki

What's the process?

Step one

Fill out the application and we will email you to let you know if we have decided to work with you.

Step three

Upload all the files to your client portal prior to your VIP Designer Day. 

Step two

Sign up for your VIP Designer Day, sign the agreement and pay to hold your day. 

step four

It’s VIP Designer Day! Sit back and relax while we take care of everything for you. 

My clients can’t believe how much we get done in a day.

Are you ready to find out what we can do for YOU in YOUR day?

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Hey, I'm Vicki!
Web Designer & Owner of Build Your Best Year