• Free Groove page website template to display your links. You can sign up for a free account using my link!

• Free Canva website page to display your links. 

• Tutorials showing you how to edit the websites in Groove and Canva.

What's included in this bundle?

If you are new to business and need a quick website to display your quick links, sign-up to receive a free Groove and Canva links template.

Marquis | nanny Village

“Vicki is hands-down the most creative and talented genius you'll ever work with. She absolutely exceeds every expectation and delivers masterpieces that are 1000% unique, beautiful and tailored to your brand and needs.”

While on maternity leave for my 9-5 desk job, I decided that I wanted to build a business that could support the life I had been dreaming about while being able to support my family.

While building my online clothing store shop, I fell in love with design and marketing.

Now, I help small business owners attract their dream clients by building businesses that are impactful and unique. I stay in my zone of genius (all things design) so you can stay in yours.

With a triple threat certification in offer creation, sales copywriting and funnel design, I offer comprehensive solutions and strategies.

I am a wife, mama, and an Atlanta-based web designer who has worked for Google, Thomson Reuters and, Canva.

Meet Vicki